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CES Northwest Ltd are a Specialist Contractor in the field of Insulation, Ventilation and Building Fabric serving the private, social and insurance sectors.

As our name suggests, we are located in the Northwest of the UK however, our services extend to the entire of the UK with our satellite branch in the Midlands offering great motorway extensions to our all of our operational areas.

A fundamental element to ensuring energy efficiency is to keep the building fabric in good condition to maintain and reduce heat loss. We believe that good building fabric has the upmost potential to deliver affordable warmth to all households and keep energy bills as low as possible.

It has been estimated that around 3 million homes have been affected by poorly and wrongly installed insulation to domestic homes in the UK. CES Northwest are experts in carrying out building fabric reports to understand probable cause, subsequent diagnosis and recommendations with a complete transparent process end to end.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide all of our clients with a cost-effective service in the approach to energy efficiency and building remedial treatments. Our passion is to provide a bespoke service and innovation towards each project and a commitment to deliver in all tenures. We operate a ‘Right First Time’ policy in all of our activities.

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Throughout the UK, many homes have had Cavity Wall Insulation installed as part of the ‘Government Energy Saving Scheme’, sometimes Free of Charge. Many others have simply paid a local contractor to do the same. Unfortunately, much of this insulation work has been carried out poorly and below the minimum standards resulting in poor insulation and even Damp Problems which will eventually cause untold damage to the integrity of the property you wish to protect.

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  • Free comprehensive and expert diagnosis report with pictorial images of the underline problem
  • Fully accredited and qualified to extract Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Market leading Tools & Equipment to carry out all work activities
  • Competitive and fixed quotations
  • Trusted by Insurance Companies & Social Housing Providers
  • Qualified Employed Staff
  • Over 100 Years cumulative industry experience
  • ‘Right First Time’ fix
  • Full Certification and Post work Completion Report evidencing with pictorial images the work has been completed to our high standard

Our Services

Cavity Extraction specialists (NW) LTD is a company that prides itself on quality workmanship.

Wall Insulation Removal

Cavity Wall Insulation

Wall Tie Replacement

Damp Proofing Specialists

Does your property have any of the following symptoms...?

If your property has any of the below signs, you need to contact us now. Cavity Extraction Specialists (NW) LTD is a company that prides itself on quality workmanship. Our team of fully qualified professional extraction technicians undertake the extraction from start to finish.

Mould patches on Ceilings, Walls or Window Frames

Damp Patches on Ceilings or Walls

Excessive Condensation on Windows

Insulation Problems

Bubbling Wallpaper

Rotten Window & Door Frames

Damaged Brickwork

Damp Odour

Frequently Asked Questions

The initial survey will take approximately 1 hour as we look into your property to ascertain the underlying issues surrounding the problems at your property. The surveyor will run through the findings and provide advice on the remedies available and a full quotation where requested.

It is estimated that over 6 million properties around the UK have had cavity wall insulation installed. And of course the energy efficiency and cost saving make it very popular.

However, we live on an island with a generally damp climate often exposed to high winds and even icy conditions.

This takes its toll on brick work which can lead to gaps opening up in bricks or pointing and water getting into the cavity itself. The whole point of insulation is to insulate. It stops air flow. The problem with this is that once it becomes wet, it is virtually impossible to dry out.

Instead dampness and cold is drawn through cavity into the inside of the property. You can see this if there are cold spots on walls in your home or unexplained patches of damp.

Not only can this create uncomfortable living conditions, but the prolonged damp will also rust wall ties, an integral structural part of the property which can eventually mean the inner and outer walls can actually separate.

Damp insulation cannot be ignored. If you suspect your home might be affected, we recommend calling us out as soon as possible.

By treating issues quickly and professionally allows the property to function correctly and will transform your quality of life.

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