Cavity Clearance & Extraction

Do you have Damp Walls or Condensation? Fed up of seeing black mould in your property and peeling wallpaper? Do your walls have Cavity Wall Insulation?

Failed Cavity Wall Insulation could be the cause – don’t leave it untreated, call the experts today.

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Cavity Wall Clearance & Extraction

At CES in order to perform a successful Cavity wall clearance and extraction, we have invested in specialist equipment that consists of a compressor with high pressure nozzles to enable our team to blow the insulation down the cavity towards a pre-determined extraction point. An extraction hose connected to a special extraction vacuum then collects the insulation, sand and debris in a collection sack, this is then bagged and disposed of in accordance with our Environment Agency Waste Transfer License.

CES North West Ltd employ our own in-house specially trained team of technicians that have a wealth of experience within the residential dwellings sector and we also offer the following services as a whole house approach:
  • Damp proof course installation and replacement
  • Part or full house re-pointing
  • Damaged/spalled brickwork replacement

The Cavity Wall Clearance & extraction process completely cleans the cavity and not only removes old and failed insulation, but also any rubble or sand build up within the cavity. A standard Cavity Wall Clearance & extraction on a typical domestic property will take around 1-2 days subject to weather conditions and insulation material in the cavity. If left, poorly installed cavity wall insulation will get worse over time and could:
  • Reduce the value of your property
  • Cause major structural problems
  • Reduce heat retention and increase fuel consumption
  • Result in wet walls, causing damp, mould and condensation
  • Affect your health

  • Free comprehensive and expert diagnosis report with pictorial images of the underline problem
  • Fully accredited and qualified to extract Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Market leading Tools & Equipment to carry out all work activities
  • Competitive and fixed quotations
  • Trusted by Insurance Companies & Social Housing Providers
  • Qualified Employed Staff
  • Over 100 Years cumulative industry experience
  • ‘Right First Time’ fix
  • Full Certification and Post work Completion Report evidencing with pictorial images the work has been completed to our high standard
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