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The Procedure

CES Northwest has developed a methodology to remove cavity wall insulation material from external cavity walls of dwellings or buildings of similar occupancy. Our system and procedure will remove any blown-in material or problem cavity debris and create a clear cavity that can be re-insulated or insulated if the system has been used to remove debris only.

Our system as such will also permit a clear cavity to be able to facilitate new cavity wall insulation. The system has been designed to cause the minimal amount of disruption to the fabric of the building and its occupants. The clearance process is designed to remove all obstructions/debris and insulation from the air-space whilst maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

The procedure involves creating low level cavity access points in the extraction areas by removing a corner or face-brick or by core drilling (rendered properties) to allow access to the cavity with the cavity clearance pipe. The insulation material and debris are removed from the cavity by a specially developed air extraction unit assisted by a combination of compressed air and whip/flail devices.

The below illustration denotes where the typical extraction envelopes are created (property dependant):

The below illustration denotes where the typical Air Pressure Holes are located (property dependant):

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